Who are we

We are two experienced sales professionals who have discovered there is a better way to deliver world standard sales leadership and business communication skills in an easily accessible format.

We provide on-line leadership and business communication skills content for business leaders who are time poor and who need immediate solutions to everyday business issues.

No more one day workshops where you forget the content by the end of the week !  This is Commuter Learning – access to short sharp shots of learning that can be viewed again and again whenever you are ready to learn.

How do we do this?

We have taken over 50 years sales management and leadership experience and turned this in a series of succinct “how to” modules, grouped into logical areas of personal development that are easily accessible over the internet.

What’s in it for you?

You have access to world standard content at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime and packaged in a succinct and unique way to give you immediate advantage over the competition:

  • Learn in your own time – freedom!
  • Learn at your own speed – control!
  • Gain recognition from your team by helping them grow
  • Gain personal satisfaction from helping your peers
  • Gain peace of mind from accessing vital learning points again and again
  • And above all improve your business results by staying ahead of your competition.

What type of learning is available?

We provide the following learnings to help you and your team grow and develop:

  • Main modules – 15 to 20 minute in-depth videos
  • Coach “mode” function that allows you to tailor the content to suit your own business
  • Detailed notes to act as a reference guide
  • “Key Point Summaries” for in-field validation of specific points
  • Mini modules  - 2/3 minute presentations that offer practical tips
  • Regular forums on key topics of interest
  • Ongoing blog on particular subjects
  • Webinars to explore forum topics in more detail
  • Face to Face learning based on Forum feedback