Why SalesDNA.com.au?

  • Best possible content
  • Accessable anywhere
  • Accessable anytime
  • Tailored to your own needs

Our Vision

We recognise that for the large majority of small to mid sized businesses, there were two fundamental issues that prevented such businesses from gaining access to world standard leadership content – cost and time.

Who can afford the time to take a day out of the business to attend a course where you will more than likely forget the majority of the content within a few days?

What's more, who can justify the cost of spending tens of thousand of dollars on a consultant whose name you won't remember in a few weeks time. Sure you may have enjoyed the experience, but what will you really remember that you can apply in the next week when there'a a mountain of emails and customers to call back?

There has to be a better way - SalesDNA.com.au is that way. Our vision is simply to bring you the best possible business communication skills content in a medium that can be accessed anywhere, anytime over the internet at an affordable price point.

What did we set out to achieve?

We set out to provide a range of leadership material, broken into categories with each category being supported by different ways of sharing theory, hints, tips , suggestions based on over 50 years of management experience.

We then had two specific themes mind – provide short, sharp, shots of learning that could be accessible anytime, anywhere, over the internet – and then make deliver in this in such a way that the learning could “tailored” by a business.

We then wanted to ensure that the material could be used irrespective of the way that each of you wish to learn.  We understand that some people like detail, some like a summary, some like theory and some like practical examples.

So we built a variety of ways to help communicate this: Modules, Mini Modules, Detailed NotesKey Point Summaries – which we can then support with forums and webinars. We have also created a unique Coach Mode capability to allow you to tailor the learning to your own business requirements.