What is SalesDNA.com.au?

SalesDNA.com.au is a simple way to provide today’s business leaders with answers to everyday business issues.

Why was it set up

SalesDNA.com.au was set up to address the three key problems associated with the $5,000 a day “leadership gurus”:

  • The majority of businesses simply cannot afford the cost of bringing in the expensive “leadership guru”
  • Many businesses cannot afford to take the time off work to attend one day or multi-day workshops
  • The majority of people who attend whole day learning sessions, forget almost all of the material within a week.  Usually they will be lucky to remember one or two key points !

What type of learning is there

SalesDNA.com.au offers a variety of learning methods to cater for the varied needs of our customers:

How do I access the learning material?

You can access the material anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet access.

Who is the ideal customer?

Anyone with an interest in improving their own and/or their staff’s business communication skills – ultimately improving the value of their business.

How long are the modules

The modules last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Can the content be customised?

We have a built in “Coach Mode” function that allows a company to tailor the material to the needs of their own business  - we think this is unique!

What does it cost

We offer 3 packages – Starter, Intermediate and Advanced with packages starting at $1,200 per person per annum for the small business (usually 1 - 15 employees). For the mid sized business (15 - 200 employees) we provide corporate rates. Simply Contact Us for more details.

How do I get started

Contact us via email, via phone or by completing the enquiry form. We can help to work out the best package for you. Once you have paid the package fee and signed the Terms & Conditions, we issue you with the appropriate number of User IDs and Passwords.  You can then get started by simply “pointing and clicking”. It's that easy !

What other benefits are there?

For any of our customers who refers a friend, colleague, business partner or associate etc, we will provide a referral fee back to the customer to the value of 10% of the value of the first year’s subscription taken up by the “referred” customer.