Managing the sales week

Managing the sales week

This category provides you with a simple and effective process to manage the normal weekly cycle that we refer to as the "sales week".

In any business, and particularly in small to medium sized businesses, having a predefined process in place to agree action plans - that are followed up during the week and then reviewed at the end of the week - will maximise your ability to maintain momentum and build growth.

Key Points

  • How to run the sales meeting at the beginning of the week - and in doing so, ensure that you gain commitments to specific actions from each of your team members.
  • How to follow up during the week to ensure that the actions agreed to at the start of the week are being put into place by the team.
  • How to complete the week by running an effective end of week de-brief - in order to facilitate learning and to share any key insights that have arisen during the week.

Modules in this category

  • Running an effective sales meeting

    The core of any business should be the running of an empowering and motivational sales meeting at the beginning of every week.

    This meeting should display the ...

  • Mid week follow up

    If you have the privilege of leading a group of sales people, one of your most important roles as their leader is to help them learn from each other.


  • End of week De-brief

    If you’ve had a really effective sales meeting at the beginning of the week, and you’ve followed up individually with each of your people during the week, ...