Face to Face Communications

Face to Face Communications

This category deals with what is regularly quoted as being the most important and valuable ability in any business pursuit – the ability to communicate effectively.

We address a number of specific areas that leaders are often faced with in the normal course of running a business - presenting, understanding client needs and pitching to win business.

Note that we make a distinction between presenting and pitching. All too often a sales pitch simply revolves around a powerpoint presentation. We take this a step further - and explore a detailed process that will help you win more often when you are in competitive situations.

Key Points

  • In the first module in this category, you will learn how to build a presentation using a tried and tested approach, which will ensure that your presentation is built with the audience in mind – and will enable you to communicate the key messages that you wish to send.
  • Next we extend the notion of effective communication to the valuable skills of listening and questioning, by outlining a structured conversation process for analysing customer needs. We provide practical tips that underpin the process – and support this with examples that can apply to all types of industries. We provide a structure for both a 45 minute discussion as well as a 2 minutes discussion in a retail environment.
  • We then extend this structure by discussing how to introduce multiple products into the needs based discussion. We provide a detailed role play on how to understand the customer’s goals, the problems associated with those goals, and how an understanding your products’ value propositions can help link your products to the problems or issues associated with the customers’ stated goals.
  • We move on to the more complex area of pitching to win new business. A common mistake businesses regularly make is to build their presentation and slide pack before they even know what the customer really wants. We therefore outline a course of action that delays the creation of a presentation (if there even needs to be one) until much later in the pitching process. And instead, we begin by making sure we fully understand what the customer truly wants.

Modules in this category

  • Delivering a presentation

    In this first module of this series, we look at the art and skill of preparing and delivering an effective business presentation – in a formal or semi-formal env...

  • Interviewing clients to understand needs

    Surprising as it seems, no one actually buys what you have to sell – merely because you want to sell it to them.  Whether it’s financial planning, con...

  • Pitching to win business

    This SalesDNA module addresses the art of pitching to win business with potential customers – especially in competitive situations.

    The process of winnin...

  • Engaging Customers in a retail environment

    In this module we explore how to have a short, effective needs-based conversation with customers in a retail environment – in order to generate more sales and cr...

  • Introducing products into the needs based discussion

    In this module we explain how to introduce your products into a client interaction, whilst retaining a natural flow to the conversation.

    If your business provi...