Managing Individual Performance

Managing Individual Performance

In this series of modules we start by introducing a framework to manage the performance of individual team members.  We then extend this framework to provide you with in-depth insights into how to manage the most common situations you may face when working with individual team members.

Key Points

  • We look at how to set goals and provide direction, including the setting of performance indicators and how to develop performance goals.
  • We then look at the coaching aspect of the leader and/or manager's role, especially when helping new staff members develop their skills.
  • Next we explore the role of the manager as coach to help team members improve their own peformance and motivation - as distinct from helping them to develop their skills.
  • Finally we look at the role that needs to be played when both coaching to develop skills and coaching to improve performance have not gone according to plan. In this case we examine the process of counselling to improve performance – in essence how to manage the individual who is not performing to the desired level.
  • Each module provides both theory and practical learning suggestions and techniques - to increase your knowledge and to provide you with the confidence required when managing individuals.

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