Building Effective Teams

Building Effective Teams

This category is designed to help both existing managers and new managers with tools, tips and techniques on how to build and lead effective teams. These learning modules ensure that as the leader of the team, you are supported with essential processes and disciplines to drive success.

Key Points

  • Understand how to lead from the front. Understand the difference between leading activities, management activities and coaching activities. In other words, what should you actually do as a manager to lead; and what should you actually do to manage.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your team by applying three key frameworks.
  • The first is the leadership building block framework that starts with a clear vision. The second framework is a weekly meeting cycle that consists of a start of week meeting, mid-week follow up and an end of week debrief. The final framework shows you how to hold every individual accountable for their role and their level of performance in the team – in order to maximise your team’s performance.

Modules in this category

  • Leading from the front

    One of the hardest aspects in any leadership role is to ensure that all people in the team you have responsibility for are carrying out the right activities in an effe...

  • Maximising team performance

    In order to work effectively, people in almost any business need to know what’s required of them.  If you want to motivate your team to achieve challenging ...