Strategic Management

Strategic Management

This series of modules addresses the concept of business strategy.  That is, how does a business, faced with competition, deliver superior outcomes?
We cover the basic elements of strategy, including examples of businesses that use these strategies successfully. We then explore the ways in which companies can grow profitably and successfully, and also look at ways of turning around a business when it’s not performing successfully.

Key Points

  • Learn the basic elements of business strategy and explore examples of businesses that use these strategies successfully.
  • Understand the challenges of sustainable growth and the concept of leadership economics. Explore different dimensions for business growth and how to develop the capabilities needed for growth.

Modules in this category

  • Introduction to business strategy

    Companies the world over have been applying different kinds of strategic principles for a very long time, in order to thrive and prosper. Good business strategy is fun...

  • Growing a business

    In this module we will focus on growing a business. We’ll explore the major and enduring challenge of sustainable growth, and the vital concept of leadership eco...