Our Commuter Learning programs

We believe planning, communication and interpersonal skills are critical to business success.

We work with you to help enhance the business performance skills of all staff, leveraging our on-line content, our coaching and our consulting programs.

We know organisations often struggle with the need to invest in staff, while managing the cost of time out the business, and the associated costs of one or two day workshops.

We create programs that minimise time out of the business, helping you build capability in all staff, making it easier for you to improve performance and grow your business.


For individuals, teams and businesses


Learn on the run with your phone or tablet

Learn on your PC at work or at home

Programs for smaller business

Programs for specific teams

Programs for larger businesses

Refresh your skills with a significant range of videos from any mobile device.

Develop your skills to the next level with a range of in-depth learning modules.

Upskill your entire staff with PocketDNA content & regular coaching.

Increase staff capability using SalesDNA content & monthly workshops.

Build a learning culture to deliver high performance using all our content.


How our Commuter Learning programs work


PocketDNA programs provide teams with access to 35, three minute long, animated videos, grouped into logical categories, all focused on the practical skills needed to be successful in business.

PocketDNA programs are supported with ongoing coaching, focusing on any particular skill, to create an annual program of learning.

We run these programs to build skill levels for teams and businesses, with a focus on continuous improvement; delivering these for the cost of a coffee per person per week.



SalesDNA programs provide users with access to in-depth learning modules consisting of 15 to 20 minute videos, detailed notes, summary notes, presentations and a coaching function.

SalesDNA programs consist of an initial workshop with ongoing coaching to get the most of our comprehensive material.

We run these programs where there is a need to develop the skills of staff to a higher level. We specialise in helping you communicate the value you bring to your customer.