Growing your business

Growing your business

This category outlines a simple relationship management process that almost all businesses employ in one form or another, irrespective of their industry.

We look at the different steps in the process, including the compelling value proposition, and outline how these can be used to create new opportunities, both within existing customers and to attract new customers.

We provide a strategic account management framework for deeper understanding of key customers - to improve and develop the business we do with them.

We outline a business planning methodology to ensure that business development strategies and plans are aligned and effective.

Key Points

  • Gain an understanding of the Relationship Management Process and a summary of the key steps involved.
  • Learn how to create a Compelling Value Proposition to differentiate yourself from others in the market and understand why this is fundamental to the overall Relationship Management process.
  • Understand how to view a customer’s account from a strategic perspective; starting with how well you really know your client. We then introduce the notion of account objectives, the strategies needed to achieve those objectives, and the action plans needed to underpin the strategies.
  • Be able to create an effective business plan by considering the various aspects of a business. Understand how to apply a situation analysis methodology in order to make sense of the information you have gathered; and then determine relevant business objectives and strategies for action.

Modules in this category

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  • Creating your Compelling Value Proposition

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  • Strategic Account Management

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  • Creating Effective Business Plans

    In this module, we’ll explore why you should write a business plan, when you should write your plan and how to update it. We’ll also provide a step by step...