Keep it simple with "Key Point Summaries"

As with all learning material we clearly recognize that some people simply want the “one pager” to assist  - or what is sometimes referred to as  the “cheat sheet” or what we refer too as "Key Point Summaries".

Our Key Point Summaries are simply designed to provide the user with a high level overview of the content – or in other words the “what”.  Just remember that they don’t necessarily provide the “how” !

How do I access these Key Point Summaries?

Attached to each module, you can simply click on the drop down box and elect to print off the Key Point Summaries as you see fit.  We would encourage you to print these off and attach these to the supporting modules notes for ease of reference.

Just follow the prompts under the “Download Course Material” drop down box.

How else can I use these Key Point Summaries?

For those businesses who have staff operating in locations outside of the main office and/or where sales staff are out on the road; these Key Point Summaries can be referred too before for example, where a sales person is about to pitch to a new client.  They provide the Manager with a simple checklist to ensure that the staff member is thoroughly prepared. 

In this manner they act as an immediate "in-field" coaching and feedback tool.

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