Learning Modules

These Modules represent over 50 years of experience which we have distilled into 15 to 20 minute on-line learning pieces.  These modules offer detailed insights into specific elements of learning that are purpose built for the everyday issues that a business leader faces.

Each module lasts between 15 to 20 minutes and is split into natural break points or episodes to allow the user to pause and reflect on the content and consider how to apply the content within their area of control and/or influence.

The modules provide a practical, hands-on approach to learning and unlike the type of face to face courses that are offered by other providers in the market place, they can be accessed again and again, whenever, wherever.

Why is this content different?

The content is based on what works in business, not just what learning theory.  Each module provides tips and suggestions about how to put the learning into practice.

The modules are split into categories to allow the customer to access what is needed to suit particular circumstances.  This allows the user to go straight to a possible solution or to get deeper into a subject by reviewing all the modules in a category.

Most importantly though we recognise that the best feedback of all is from our customers.  Therefore while we have created the first suite of categories and modules for our customers we seek your feedback to tell us what you would like to see next.

Check out the forum to see what categories and/or modules you would wish to see us add.

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