What is a webinar?

The key aim of the SalesDNA community is to provide the best possible content at the most affordable price point by delivering highly specific learning content over the internet.

However we understand that for some areas of interest, whilst you can spend time reviewing and reading, sometimes it helps to be able to talk through the issues and gain insights from others who may be in a similar situation.

So, to provide even more support to the SalesDNA community we will be running webinars on a regular basis. A webinar is in effect a way to attend a conference without leaving your home. 

We provide a dial in number so that people can simply dial in over the internet.  We will provide the details and instructions as well as the MC or "moderator".   

We will focus on a subject of choice and simply act as the facilitator to allow members to share with others their views on a particular subject matter whilst also providing our expert opinions on how to deal with  any specific situation.

Guest Speakers

Gaining access to guest speakers is something that we are always on the look out for so on a regular basis we aim to bring to the community, individuals who have enjoyed great success in running their businesses, irrespective of size.  What these guest speakers bring is practice examples of how they have sought to grow and develop their staff, which in turn has helped them to grow and develop their own businesses.

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