What are Mini-Modules

The mini modules are short, sharp presentations that provide practice examples to support the main module content. They are two to three minute bullet point presentations which are designed to provide practical solutions to the problems often associated with the main modules. 

For example, one of the issues we are often asked for our thoughts on is how to deal with the perennial "late-comer'".  The mini-modules therefore provide a practical way of dealing with situations such as these.  

Are Mini-Modules aligned to Modules or Episodes?

The Mini-Modules are aligned to the Modules themselves - they are not aligned to individual episodes. These Mini-Modules represent what we believe to be an appropriate way to deal with the day of issues of people management.  

What are the key benefits of the Mini Modules?

With all learning around business communication skills, theory is one thing, but practical examples based on real life experiences are another.  So whilst the main modules provide both theory and high level insights, the Mini-Modules are designed to address those parts of business life when things don't go according to plan - in other words they provide practical examples of how to deal with a manager's real life frustrations ! 

How else can the Mini-Modules be used?

One of the best ways to use the Mini-Modules is where your company has promoted a staff member into their first line management role. The Mini-Modules provide an easy reference tool to help them build confidence in their new found position.

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