Get granular !

For each module provides with the capability to print off detailed notes to accompany each module.  These can be used for future reference.

The benefit of this is that it allows the user to read up on key aspects of the material once they have viewed the module in depth. People learn in different ways so being able to reference detailed notes whilst watching the module or after having watched the module helps ensure retention of information and application of techniques. Whilst these Detailed Notes can also be used as a standalone pieces of learning material they are not designed to replace the breadth and depth of content that is contained within the actual modules themselves. 

Our whole aim is to provide you the user, with as much flexibility as possible and more importantly to ensure that the content can appeal to the different ways that your staff wish to learn.

How do I access the supporting notes

Attached to each module, you can simply click on the drop down box and elect to print off the associated detailed notes.

Just follow the prompts under the “Download Course Material” drop down box.

Remember that detailed notes are not designed to be a mirror image of the video modules.  The video modules provide in depth content whilst the detailed notes are simply a summary for reflection once you have watched the videos.

What other benefits do the supporting notes provide?

These Detailed Notes can also be used to supplement the performance review discussion that Managers have with their staff. Further they can act as a development tool for those staff who are believed to have leadership and/or management potential.  These notes therefore act as a starting point for their learning and development.

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