Get personal with Coach Mode™

Whilst we have provided generic content we recognise that many companies may wish to tailor the content to suit their particular business.

We also understand that for a lot of companies the ability to provide ongoing and regular feedback for staff development is an important aspect of the companies culture.

To this extent we have created "Coach Mode".  At the end of each episode within a module, a user has the option to complete a list of questions that relate to the episode that has just been viewed. These questions are designed to get the user to think about what they have just viewed and how the subject matter can be applied by the user to improve the businesses performance. At the end of the module the staff member can simply press “submit” and a copy of their responses are then emailed to their manager.

This way the users Manager can see for themselves the extent to which the staff member has grasped the content and the extent to which they are applying some of the tips and techniques being taught.

Tailor the Coach mode questions

Like all successful business we aim to place the customer comes first. We therefore allow companies to edit the "Coach Mode" questions to ensure that the content is then provided within the context of the business.

You therefore gain the benefit of having world standard content at your fingertips that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business again and again and again.

Coach Mode – how does it work

When you join the community, and have a number of staff that you wish to provide access to the various learning content available, we simply provide a nominated individual with “Administrator Access”.  This allows this person to edit the questions that are contained within "Coach Mode".

This way the content can be viewed again and again but through a different "lens" depending on the questions that are posed - this keeps the learning process therefore relevent to the needs of the business.

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