Be part of the Community

Like all good web-sites the best feedback is that which is gleamed from interacting with you, the customer. As well as having a general forum we will run regular threads on key areas of interest that are either raised by our customers, based on what we see as topical in the market place or based on a interesting article that is raised in the media.

In short, we seek to create a Forum "library" than can act as another reference point for areas of interest, or more appropriately, thoughts and ideas on how to deal with everyday business communication issues.

How do I gain access to the Forums?

The Forums are only available to SalesDNA customers. This way we ensure that the actual members of the SalesDNA community gain access to peer views and thoughts on issues which are relevant to them.

How does this differ from the SalesDNA “Blog”? The SalesDNA blog is more of a general thread of information that allows anyone to access and provide commentary on.  The blog is therefore more of a general source of information as opposed to addressing specific issues of interest to the SalesDNA community.

What about the Blog

The Blog is more of a general update on key areas of interest. It is more a reflection of our own personal thoughts about topical areas which can be accessed by anyone with internet access. We hope that by doing this we can bring more people into the community who can provide different and value adding views to any of the Forum threads.

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