Face to Face Learning

As we constantly reinforce, the aim of SalesDNA is to provide access to material where you, the customer is first and foremost in our minds.

So for those of you who are seeking more, we offer specific workshops on a timely basis on areas of interest.  These workshops will range from 3 hour sessions in the evening to one day workshops.

These are designed to provide SalesDNA community members with MBA style learning that drills down into each of the main module subjects at the level of detail you should expect from experts in the field.

The workshops will re-visit some of the content within the main modules but provide case studies to work through to enhance the learning already obtained from the main modules.

How long do these workshops last?

We run 2/3 hour workshops in the evening as we recognise that not all members of the SalesDNA.com.au community can afford the time off during the day, as well as whole day workshops.

THe workshops will provide a greater breadth and depth of insight that can be provided in a 15 to 20 minute module. All workshops will have a "case study" theme to them to allow those who attend to gain first hand experience that can be immediately applied back into the workforce.

How much do these workshops cost?

There are substantial discounts available based on the type of package that users have signed up - please refer to our prices and plans page for more information.

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